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Creating a culture of health using science, data and technology with a holistic approach for the organizations we partner with

OUR SERVICESCreating A Culture of Health.

Blending a traditional Benefit & Pension brokerage with a forward thinking, laser focused approach to health that blends trends, data, and results.

We’ve created a unique approach that allows for the highest level of service and expertise in the employee benefit space with a deep dive into our client’s
trends to bridge the gap of offerings to delivery and results to employees. Program offerings are key to supporting employees as a whole person.

OUR PROMISEWe Elevate Your Workforce

Brightest Minds
Our clients rely on us to be relevant, creative, innovative and to advocate on their behalf. We are passionate about helping our clients attract the best & brightest to their teams.
Genetic tests are now a key part to knowing how a patient responds to medications and eliminates the current “trial and error” approach to drug therapy.
Engaged Employees
Keep your workforce healthy, happy and productive. We specialize in maximizing retention while helping you remain attractive and competitive while you grow
Data & Technology
Understand the health status of your employees and target resources to meet the needs of your workforce. This is how to achieve healthier outcomes and take the burden off your HR team- in today’s world it’s easier than you think

Why The Benefit Code?

Your business needs to continuously adapt and transform to compete in your market.

The Benefit Code (TBC) is also constantly adapting to better serve our clients – by staying relevant and helping our clients keep their people healthier and more engaged.

Having healthier and more engaged employees is now a determining factor in considering a provider for your Employee Benefits Plan.

Science, data and technology is added to TBC’s Holistic approach to achieve healthier outcomes, while managing your budget.

Invest in the well-being of your Employees now. We are leading the market with our communication style and product offering.

Founder and Ceo


What Our Clients Say

"The whole picture"

TBC, founded by Pascale Mapleston, presents dynamic and innovative solutions; and, pushes the envelope on how organizations think about and approach their Benefits program. Mapleston will not sell you something you don't need. They step back and look at the whole picture to provide insight that serves companies well. They forget short-term thinking and are motivated to do what’s best for both employers and employees over the long term.
Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

“Trusted partners for our business”

Pascale and the TBC Benefits team are trusted partners for our business. Pascale has delivered insights into trends she is seeing about our employees’ health in our claims data and has helped develop strategies to better support our employees and improve the health of our workforce.
Grant Connelly
CEO Neupath

“Without hesitation I would recommend Pascale and her organization”

Having known Pascale Mapleston for about 5 years, I’m pleased to share how she has impacted the Companies I’ve worked with, and myself personally. Pascale shows her passion in all she does. Her caring approach is essential to building relationships, resulting in a true understanding of the goals and effects desired. Through her expertise in benefits and wellness programs, she is committed to supporting companies in their growth and employee engagement. Pascale is a Leader who has surrounded herself with key people who are committed and empowered to be champions in their areas of expertise. One of her key competencies is continuous learning; she is always gathering data, studying new technology, and bringing innovative ideas forward. Personally, Pascale has been a valued advisor to me in my professional career. I value her wisdom and attentiveness and am thankful for her friendship.
Sandi Young

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