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Who should purchase personal insurance?

All Canadians should have comprehensive protection in order to maintain financial stability through unforeseen medical events. Payouts from personal insurance plans can be used to supplement lost income, cover medical costs for treatment, pay for expenses not covered under provincial or group health care plans or provide for loved ones in the event of premature death.



You should buy an individual benefit plan if you are:

  • Self-employed

Contractor, truck driver, construction worker or freelancer, for example.

  • The primary earner

Have a high net worth and/or have a family that depends on your income.

  • Frequently travelling

Out-of-province or the country – provincial plans have limitations and exclusions for coverage options for accidents or illnesses that happen out of your home province.

  • A small business owner


Protect yourself with income replacement benefits, and protect your business and your employees with EDGE small business insurance plans.

  • Not satisfied with your employer-sponsored health insurance plan.
  • Don’t currently have benefits to protect your financial stability or to offset medical treatment costs.

Personal insurance is just as important for people who are self-employed and provide professional services as it is for individuals who work in higher-risk occupations. Regardless of occupational risks or family medical history, all Canadians should protect their livelihood and personal finances by creating a safety net that will be there when emergency strikes.

How personal insurance works with The Edge Benefits

With over 35 years of experience protecting Canadians from all walks of life, EDGE has innovated and refined how people buy and benefit from personal insurance. Our plans are affordable and attainable through licensed insurance providers — minimal to no medical questions are asked to qualify and receive coverage. Our products are ideal for individuals who want to pick and choose the coverage they need, when they need it, to build a tailored plan that adapts with them as their needs change. Our unique a la carte model and guaranteed issue products also provide an affordable means of protection for those who can’t receive coverage elsewhere or would have to pay unreasonably high premiums.

While everyone of working age should consider purchasing personal insurance policies, important considerations when evaluating individual insurance coverage include your current age, workplace and recreational risks, standard of living, financial obligations and how many more years you plan to work before retirement.

How much does personal insurance cost?

We believe that everyone should be able to have protection and peace of mind that in the event they become disabled, unable to work or pass away, their family will receive financial support.

Getting specific insurance protection or a comprehensive benefit plan should be simple and affordable. That is why we offer guaranteed issue personal insurance options for individuals and families to choose from based on their needs. Most premium rates are age banded, so you are only paying for coverage that makes sense.

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