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FOUNDER & CEOPascale Mapleston

Pascale’s passion is working with small and large organizations to create flexible benefits programs that increase employee engagement, productivity and happiness. Her 20+ year career as a Group Benefits Specialist led her to found CORE Benefits+, with a commitment to turn data into organizational growth.  Pascale and her team help create endless possibilities and opportunities for individuals and organizations to grow and prosper. 


Lori Steeves is a Well-Being Consultant and Coach whose mission is to help people connect the dots to optimize their health. Lori worked as a nurse for the largest health authority in BC for over 15 years, caring for people whose health was impaired. Knowing that many diseases can be prevented or managed through lifestyle changes, she decided to walk away from a job in “Healthcare” to teach people how to “Care” for their “Health.”
Lori believes optimal health isn’t about spending all of your time in the gym, and it’s certainly not about restrictive fad diets.  She believes that individuals are unique, and what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. With information and guidance, anyone can feel better and have more energy, no matter where they are starting from.


Marcie’s superior attention to detail and 13+ years of technical expertise in both Human Resources and as a Benefits Specialist makes her an integral part of our team at CORE.  Marcie’s knowledge of the industry plans, strong relations with our suppliers and passion to strive for the best service possible helps make our client’s experience with CORE the best that it can be – from our reporting practices – to the onboarding of our new clients.

Marcie balances her career with CORE by being the busy mom of three small boys – and she loves to spend time with her family.

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