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Employees need a sense of purpose & progress within their current work and career. We help you take an individual or group to the next level or turn them around.

Employee Engagement

Engaging people means connecting them to what is meaningful and purposeful and ensuring each person experiences a sense of progress within their current work and within their career. This is measurable and quantifiable with tangible and practical strategies to take an individual or group to the next level or turn them around, if needed!

15 Years of Research
Spark Engagement’s research and consulting in passion and engagement spans 15 years and many continents. Our extensive experience and research database enable us to share our insights with you to help you create a fully engaged workforce.
Critical Success Factor
Sharing Drivers
Individual data and actions require a context, however. Therefore shared meaning and a shared sense of progress are critical to exceptional results. It is essential that the drivers of meaning and progress are clear, visible and celebrated!
Clear Benefits
The research is clear: When employees are passionately engaged, organizations benefit. Productivity goes up; competitive advantage improves; and, profits rise. A simple Google search will provide many other scholarly articles and references. Most research papers come to the same conclusion: Investing in employee engagement will pay off.
Critical Success Factor
Uncovering Blockers
Conversely, blockers may exist that disrupt full engagement or limit possibilities. Using data, both quantitative and qualitative, to uncover the key blockers and remove them is also a critical strategy to passionate engagement.

At the end of the day, people at all levels of an organization want to lead fulfilling work lives. People want to know they have had an impact and have made a difference. Passionate engagement creates a win-win situation for individuals and companies alike.
Critical Success Factor
Sharing Accountability
At Spark Engagement, we have learned that such results come quickest when you place accountability with both the employee and the manager and that why we have individual as well as team and organizational data and action plans.
Spark Engagement