Self-Care For Employees

July 1, 2023

Not that we need an excuse to discuss the importance of self-care, but July 24th just so happens to be International Self-Care Day, so we’re definitely going to grab this opportunity!

Self-care does not have to be a luxury, nor should it. In fact, empowering your employees to incorporate self-care into their own days can help boost productivity and stave off burnout. After all, happy, healthy employees are also engaged and productive employees. 

Here are some ways to weave self-care into your employees’ workdays: 

Encourage and normalize taking breaks

This is a big one. People often feel like they need to be seen at their desks as much as possible, but the reality is – if they aren’t taking breaks, their work, and their wellbeing, will suffer.

Even working just short breaks into the day – a little walk, a few minutes to sip a coffee outside – can do wonders to refresh both body and mind. And if they know you trust them, the work they do will be all the better for it. 

Do a workspace refresh

If you have an office, adding some greenery to the mix, in addition to a combination of natural light and cozy lamp light, can really do wonders to improve mood. If your employees are working remotely, encourage them to refresh their own workspaces, or to simply indulge in a little change of scenery every now and then, by working outside, on a patio, or at a coffee shop. 

Eliminate clutter

If your space is cluttered, your mind will be, too. As author and self-help guru Gretchen Rubin says, outer order leads to inner calm. Consider making sure your space is organized and free of clutter to ensure optimal energy flow, and a more pleasant work environment.

Encourage writing exercises 

Writing is an excellent way to do some mental offloading. Sometimes people have things on their minds that are embedded so deeply in their subconscious they don’t even realize it – but could actually be hindering productivity. Why not do an exercise with your employees where everyone takes, say, 10-15 minutes to freeform write (ideally with pen on paper) or make a list of things at the back of their minds – if they need longer, that’s ok, too. But the time limit can really help by making the task less overwhelming – it is finite, after all, and not simply another thing lingering on a to-do list. People are often surprised by the sense of levity they feel after a good writing session!

Organize office yoga

Especially in the warmer months, find a good time each week to get everyone together (even over zoom!) for a refreshing yoga session. Yoga is great because it’s accessible to practically everyone, and can be modified for every ability. Before or after work, or even as part of the lunch break, a group yoga practice can foster a sense of community, as well as physical and mental wellness. 

Encourage boundaries

Refrain from contacting employees after office hours, and encourage them to do the same. Healthy boundaries are one of the most important things you can model for others, and encouraging a good delineation between work and not-work is one of the most straight-forward ways to do this. You want your employees to know you value their time.

And how important it is to value yourself. 

What do you do as part of your self-care practice?